Non-Registered Savings Plans

Non-registered savings plans play the same role as personal savings accounts. You can accumulate savings to carry out your plans (education, trips, a house, etc.) or increase your retirement income.

By entrusting your personal savings to us, you obtain a higher rate of return than on your bank account, and you have access to our various investment vehicles. You receive all the advantages of products offered by life insurance companies adapted to your changing needs.

Who Should Consider a Non-Registered Savings Plan?

  • Investors who have reached their registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) contribution limits and would like to capitalize on their investments to carry out their plans, while retaining a certain amount of control over their investments.
  • Persons wishing to obtain a source of income through a systematic withdrawal program.
  • Investors wishing to accumulate amounts in the short term (financial cushion, vacation, etc.).

Features and Advantages

  • Your protection against financial market fluctuations may attain and even exceed 100% of the capital invested.
  • You can borrow to increase the effect of your investment returns.
  • We ensure the continuity of your contributions in the event of disability*.
  • You may pay by pre-authorized cheques if you wish.

*Certain conditions apply.

You may open a non-registered retirement plan at any time prior to the age of 90 years. With most of the investment vehicles, you have access to your capital without tax withheld. However, your investment income is taxable.

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