Planning Your Estate

Who to Contact in the Event of Death

When a death occurs in a family, it is a good idea to know whom to contact to find out what benefits the family, the beneficiaries or other persons are entitled to claim.

  • If the deceased was working at the time of death, the family should contact the employer to find out what benefits are due (group life insurance, pension plan, balance of unpaid commissions, etc.).
  • If the deceased was retired, the family should contact the organization that was paying his pension.
  • If the deceased was a veteran, the family should contact the nearest office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, since the family may be entitled to benefits.
  • If the deceased worked for the federal or provincial government, his family will be entitled to benefits.
  • If the deceased belonged to a union, a professional association, a club, etc., benefits may also be payable to the family.

You can obtain forms for requesting survivor's pensions, orphan's pensions and death benefits at offices of the Canada Pension Plan and the Régie des rentes du Québec.

Your financial security advisor will provide information regarding your life insurance portfolio and will help you complete the forms required for your claim.

He can also help the family choose the most appropriate form of settlement for the death benefit. The benefit can be paid in a lump sum or in instalments, or left on deposit to earn interest. Your financial security advisor knows the advantages of each option and can explain them clearly.

Finally, the family must attentively read the deceased's insurance contracts covering disability, hospitalization costs, surgical costs, etc.

This information is presented for information purposes only and should not be considered to be legal or financial advice. For further information, contact a legal or financial advisor.

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