Having a Child

Re-Evaluating Your Insurance Coverage

Your baby brings new responsibilities, such as the responsibility of ensuring the financial security of your family. Provide your family with the coverage required for you to experience this new adventure confidently.

Life Insurance

If you do not yet have life insurance, it is time to think about increasing your family’s security should an unfortunate event occur. If you already have life insurance, you should perhaps examine the amount of your insurance to ensure that it meets the needs of your child.

Disability Income Insurance

If you or your spouse became disabled as a result of an accident or illness, your family should have disability income insurance to replace your salary.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance for newborns or for the entire family will help you face unexpected events by providing coverage for medical and other expenses resulting from an accidental injury or death.

Critical Illness Insurance

Think about protecting yourself against the financial worries occasioned by a critical illness. Critical illness insurance will help you to pay for care at home or abroad, adapt your residence to your living requirements, take a trip, or resume your education. Because children, too, can suffer from critical illnesses, this insurance may also allow you to temporarily leave your job to devote yourself to your child’s recovery.

Group Insurance

If you are a member of a group insurance plan, you will certainly want your child to be enrolled. Inform your plan administrator of the arrival of your child so that the necessary changes can be made to your coverage.

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