Going Into Business

Purchasing Disability or Critical Illness Insurance

You have just launched your business, and you probably do not have a group insurance plan. If you became disabled or were diagnosed with a critical illness, would you have sufficient savings to compensate for your business’s loss of productivity or clients? With disability income or critical illness insurance, you will be able to confront these unexpected situations and assume the operating expenses of your business.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance provides you with a source of income that replaces your salary during a period of disability resulting from an accident or illness. Additional protections— sickness income insurance, business overhead expenses insurance and hospitalization insurance—are also available.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment after a critical illness is diagnosed. This payment may be used in any way you wish, without restriction. As a result, you can devote 100% of your energy to your recovery, without worrying about the financial impact of the illness.

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